Borehole logging from 0-2000m
Terratec offers the following borehole geophysical measurements:
Optical borehole scanner (OPTV)

Acoustic televiewer (BHTV)  
Flow meter (Fluid logging) Wire line water sampling at particular depth  
Fluid temperature Fluid conductivity  
Caliper Natural gamma ray (total count)  
Spectral gamma Sonic (FWS, CBL)  
Borehole deviation (magnetic and gyro) Total magnetic field (Hx, Hy, Hz)  
Resistivity and IP Dual induction rock conductivity  
Borehole EM (Geonics BH43-3B) Density (gamma-gamma)  
Porosity (neutron) Others on request....  


Televiewer with structural data





Detection of depth, volume and direction of water in- or (out-) flows

The fluid is speed is measured by an impeller of which rotation speed and direction is recorded.

The size of the impeller has to fit with the borehole diameter and should not be to small compared with the borehole diameter; Type of sensor /optical or magnetic (magnetic particles etc….)




Tracer Fluid Logging

Up and down run with a salt basket for tracer
Cond. Temp log to determine natural flow through the borehole
Pumping with very low rates < 0,1l/sec and several Cond runs over hours by recording the time of each run to see the fresh water coming into the borehole
Water inflow of several liters over hours can be detected !

Acoustic Scanner (BHTV)    
If there is no visibility in the borehole the optical scanner can be replaced by the acoustic scanner
Visualization the interior of the borehole by using a rotating ultra-sonic transceiver system Amplitude and travel time are measured
The amplitude values depends on the acoustical hardness of the rocks (bright yellow = hard)
The acoustic scanner can see only open structures and differences in the acoustic hardness of the rocks
A multi-arm oriented caliper can be calculated by knowing the fluid velocity
The structural evaluation is done similar to the optical scanner using the same software tools
One tool = oriented structures+ magnetic deviation oriented multiarm caliper




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